Question by  WhitneyRebecca (1)

How long do i have to wait before I can tell if I'm pregnant?

I am curious if the symptoms start before a test will be positive.


Answer by  Roopa (74)

After 40 days from the beginning day of your previous menstral cycle, a pregnancy kit that is available at any medical shop can determine your pregnacy. To double check please approach your gynecologist.


Answer by  G12345 (1808)

The symptoms do not start before the tests become positive. Typically depending on the assay, you can tell within 2 weeks of a fertilzation. The first symptoms of pregnancy are realted to the beta-HCG hormone, which is exactly what the pregnancy test look for.


Answer by  CJ81 (232)

It's best to wait until after your next period. You can usually get a positive test 8-10 after you typically ovulate after your next menstrual cycle. This is when pregnancy hormones become prevalent in the body. It can however take longer. The best test is a blood test.

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