Question by  Anoop47 (10)

How long did it take to build the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad?

When was it built?


Answer by  curnonsky (30)

The concept of the Rock Island line was first proposed in 1845, at first to provide a route between the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers, and later the plans were extended to Chicago. Construction began in October 1851 in Chicago and was completed in Joliet one year later. Service on the line began at 10 AM on October 10, 1852.


Answer by  Susannah (57)

Construction on the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad began on October 1, 1851, in Chicago. The construction made it to Rock Island on February 22, 1854. So it took about two years and five months to complete.


Answer by  lori14 (17)

The Chicago and Rock Island Railroad took one year to build. Construction broke ground in Chicago in October of 1851. One year later the line opened on October 10, 1852.


Answer by  Ilija (155)

It took a long time, the construction began in the late 1840s, and in 1851 it connected Chicago with the Mississippi River. In the folowing decades the railroad was expanded.

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