Question by  ihearthammer (9)

How long after getting a tattoo can you go swimming in ocean water?

I got a tattoo day before yesterday and I'm going to be near the ocean 10 days from now... can i swim in the ocean?


Answer by  Vanessa (387)

Yes you can swim in the ocean 10 days after a new tattoo. However, you will want to put the highest SPF sunscreen you can on the area or cover it up from the sun, this will help your colors from fading.


Answer by  critesb1 (224)

Have one on foot. I live one block from ocean. Was in the water within three days. Just make sure you put on suntan lotion, every so often. After you came out of the water , make sure you use clean water to wash off salt water. Than pat tattoo dry.


Answer by  Anonymous

wait ATLEAST two weeks, thats when the tattoo should be a mojority of the way healed. if you go in too quickly the tatoo will fade and look really bad forever.


Answer by  Taz (193)

I don't recommend salty water until the tattoo is fully healed, but you can normally submerge it after ten days without worrying for the colours to fade. So you're the only one with the real answer because the healing of your tattoo depends on how tall it is and how fast your skin regenerate.

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