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Question by  scigirl (129)

How is Lyme disease treated?


Answer by  babalu (177)

If the disease is caught early, a 14 day course of oral antibiotics will eliminate it. At later stages, intravenous antibiotics will be required for 14 to 28 days.


Answer by  mpjairaj (31)

Lyme disease is treated by antibiotics primarily. The commonly used antibiotics are doxycycline,amoxycillin, erytromycin and ceftriaxone. The choice depends if the patient is an adult, child or pregnant woman and duration is 14 to 28 days.


Answer by  taruun (163)

No definite treatment do to onset of the disease and the failure occurs while planning. For early stages oral in take of antibiotics considered but not for long period. Some people get long version treatment and some not. This is bacterial disease. The symptoms is diagnosed by antibody test in the laboratory.


Answer by  auntkate (163)

Lyme disease is usually treated with anti-inflammtories and/or antibiotics. It requires something that will alleviate the inflammation as well as lessen the pain.

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