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Question by  raven (241)

How expensive is television repair?


Answer by  CartoonCarl (108)

It all depends on what is wrong with it. Most of the time when a TV goes out, and will not turn back on. It is a picture tube that is damaged. That can cost as much or more then a new TV. If it is something cosmetic like a button broke off then it would be much less to fix.


Answer by  timhood (43)

Usually, it costs a minimum of about $100 just to have your television diagnosed. Projection televisions that need a new bulb average $300. Flat panel televisions usually cost $300 minimum to repair. If the screen is broken, the cost to repair is more than the television is worth. This is especially true for older televisions.


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

If you have a TV with a cracked LCD screen, replacing is less expensive than repair. For all other sets, repair can range from reasonable (picture tubes) to unwarranted (as with the LCD screen). Many local shops that specialize in TV repair still exist, have them diagnose the set and provide a (free) estimate and then make a decision.


Answer by  kelli31 (15)

repair on a television can differ. Depending on exactly what may be wrong. It can range from a quick fix of a button for a few dollars, to a major part replacement.


Answer by  tiwtiw (16)

Television repair can be cheap or expensive, that will depends on how bad is the problem. If there's no hardware replacement then it's not that expensive


Answer by  Bradley (21)

Television repair is too expensive compared to the cost of a replacement. Most of the time, it's easier to buy new and upgrade your set than to fix it.

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