Question by  Anna (21)

How expensive is national radio advertising?


Answer by  NessieGirl (103)

From what I understand the formula for radio advertising is based on a 1,000 unit. It would also be calculated on how many people really are going to hear the commercial. It is sold by the :30 or :60 spot. The units are called impressions so 1,000 impressions x spot.

Reply by BlueEyes3b5 (121):
actually the impression is 1 per 1,000. your calculation would be the cost of the :30 min (let's say $10) x the unit. Example: $10 x 4 impressions = $40)  add a comment

Answer by  BonChance (93)

If you advertised on XM or Sirius radio you would pay on average about $1. 99 per 1,000 people reached. So you would calculate the cost based on their average. If they have an average of 100,000 listeners in a certain hour spot then it would be $1. 99 times 100,000.


Answer by  ClaudiaD (136)

OMG I have NO clue whatsoever. I should find out though cuz I always wondered how much the radio stations really make considering most of them are called "free" radio. I would think it isn't very cheap tho when you figure all the salaries they have to pay to workers.

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