Question by  Paul10 (9)

How does Michael's Arts and Crafts stack up against Hobby Lobby?

I seem to find more of what I need at the latter.


Answer by  Renee1967 (6)

Michael's Arts and Crafts seems to have more for the paper crafter in my opinion! They have better sales and wider varieties of clear stamps which is what I use.


Answer by  luanne613 (5)

There is a much better bead and scrapbook selection at Hobby Lobby. Prices are generally the same in both stores.


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

I love both stores. I find Michaels has better prices and it's easier to navigate. Hobby Lobby has a larger selection and they have more home decor items, whereas Michaels has more craft supplies. I shop at both on a regular basis, but if I know Michaels has the item, I go there as their prices are normally cheaper.


Answer by  navek (15)

I think it comes down to the craft in question, both have vast ranges, but the favoured crafts differ between the two stores


Answer by  luv2craft (140)

It depends on what you're looking for. Hobby Lobby is great for projects requiring fabric and yarn. But, Michael's Arts and Craft has more fine arts supplies and models.

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