Question by  meatpan (16)

How do you send an audio file on a bluetooth?

I need instructions to my blue tooth for sending audio files.


Answer by  salvi (148)

At first, you should active blue tooth from your mobile and computer/other mobiles then select the audio file from your desire destination and go to 'option' to select 'send'. Automatically, it will show many destinations to send including blue tooth. Then you should click 'blue tooth' to send audio file.


Answer by  MechaTech (192)

Check your phones settings, under the "help and options" menu you can find tutorials to help accomplish this. There are many phone types, so a question this broads hard-to answer.


Answer by  andrizzlewhizite (8)

Go to the file you want to send choose send via bluetooth. Phone will search for devices. When search is done select friends device from list. Enter pin-key. enter "0000". Your friends mobile will show a pop up for pin key enter "0000". Another pop up will appear on friends mobile, saying allow exchange say YES. Done!


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

First set both the devices to see each other. Then pair the two devices and use the same passcode. Once paired you should be able to send from one to the other under the file option or file transfer menu depending on you phone.


Answer by  laura27 (1216)

Put active blue tooth from mobile and computer/other mobiles. Select audio file where you want it to go. Go to options select send. Select blue tooth to send audio file.


Answer by  oeyadebudiman (9)

6. choose send via bluetooth 7. your telephone will searching the nearest bluetooth device. (don't forget to switch on bluetooth device that you wish to send to) 8. choose the bluetooth device

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