Question by  Gianni86 (15)

How do you say dad in Polish?

I want to surprise my father, who is from Poland.


Answer by  moonbunnychan (34)

In Polish "father" is "Ojciec", "dad" is "tata", "daddy" is 'tatus'. I love you dad would be Ja kocham was, Tatusia which is pronounced like this: "Ya kokham vas, tatooseea."


Answer by  kaska (18)

This is a very easy word to pronounce, as it is just like the word some english people use to say goodbye, tata. However, tata is the informal version, which is of course, the one which most kids use to address their fathers. You can also say ojciec which is pronounce oy-ch-ec


Answer by  metafrastria (31)

There are several ways to refer to one's father in Poland (like in many other languages), the most common being "tata" (pronounced: TAH-tah). When saying this word, try to make your t's sound "harder" than they would in English. Other endearing terms for "dad" or "daddy" in Polish are "papa" and "ojczulek".


Answer by  pixiecat (250)

One word for father is "tata" which is roughly pronounced like this: tah-tah (imagine an English blue-blood say it). You can also go for "papa" (pah-pah). FOr father the term is: 'ojciec' (ochiets-with the 'i' and 'e' pronounced as if they were part of "yes" and the whole word as if it had one syllable)


Answer by  Lorbeer (304)

Hello - you could say PAPA - or more familiar TATA. If you want to gratulate him to his birthday "wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin". I can't help you with a transcription how you could speak these words correct. Maybe you'll find an online dictionary where you can use a International Phonetic Alphabet.


Answer by  bovineovine (112)

Saying Dad in polish is probably one of the easiest thing you will say in polish. "Tata" means dad in Polish. It is pronounced as it is spelled. If you really want to surprise your dad say " You can also say "ojciec" which means "father" it is more proper. It depends on what kind of relationship you have.


Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

To call your father "dad" in Polish, just say "tata". Father is ojciec. I'm sure it will mean a lot to him for you to do this!


Answer by  rabbui (275)

Dad in Polish would be "tata." A more formal way of saying it would be father, or "Ojciec." You could really surprise your father and wish him a happy fathers day by saying "Dzień Szczęśliwego Ojca."


Answer by  Clement (1453)

While the official word for father in Polish is "ojciec", more commonly used form roughly corresponding to dad would be "tata" or "tatuś". The last letter is a kind of "hushing" variant of s.

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We want to have written on our dads tombstone "dadda" in polish, what would be the correct spelling for "dadda" we have been told it should be spelled as " tatu's is this correct?  add a comment
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