Question by  bluiijess (35)

How do you remove a vhs casette which is stuck in my vcr?

Help! It is my favorite vhs and it is not even my own vcr!


Answer by  Marybeth (841)

Unplug the VCR and look for the screws holding the lid, take of the lid and don't touch anything, gently remove the tape and put the top back on.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

You can try something I've done in the past. Check the entire side and bottom of the VCR. You should see screws in each corner holding the top plate down. Unscrew the top and gently pull it making sure not to pull any wires out. Once open gently pull the ribbon out and wind it back into the tape.


Answer by  Knhalcomb (105)

If you carefully remove the cover to the vcr, you may be able to access the vhs. Be sure to note exactly how the screws and cover were originally and you will be able to put it back together with no harm done to either.


Answer by  sanabel (79)

The best way to unstuck your vhs tape is to go near the machine and in a calm, strong voice shout "I STILL HAVE A VCR, DAMMIT! ". Realizing they are archaic you will unstuck it by throwing the VCR out while running to the store to buy a DVD player.

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