Question by  Vietnam (3)

How do you remove a new earring?

I need to take a new earring out.


Answer by  carlhamlin (20)

That will generally depend on the earring. If it's a hoop earring, those usually have a smaller inset which is lead into the clasp portion at the rear and can be bent out. Once you've bent the earring out, pull it forward to remove. If the earring has a fastener, just pull it off the post.


Answer by  mpelle (343)

Make sure you sterilize your ear with rubbing alcohol. Pull the back of the earring (the stud) and the front of the earring at the same time!


Answer by  Cass722 (29)

Wear gloves to reduce the chance of infection then proceed to remove the backing of the earring. Do not force if it wont come out. Clean thoroughly daily until healed.

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