Question by  berry (41)

How do you prevent chlorine from doing damage to your hair?

I swim for exercise and am worried about the damage being done to my hair from the chlorine.


Answer by  Randomanda (11)

I would suggest wearing a swimming cap, which will keep most of the water out of your hair. However, if you do not want to wear one of these, there are leave-in conditioners that are ph balanced. Usually, these are professional grade and can be found in salons. These take the chlorine and other damaging chemicals out of you hair.


Answer by  Lynn70 (7)

You can put conditioner in your hair before swimming. Make sure you completely saturate your hair with the conditioner. Use a conditioner for damaged hair. Do a search on the internet for a swim cap also. Swim caps protect your hair while swimming.


Answer by  dkay (71)

You could wear a bathing cap - fashionable these days and always take a shower after and use a good conditioner.


Answer by  baesechr (72)

The easiest way to avoid chlorine damage is to wear a swim cap. Whether or not you're using a swim cap, it's important to rinse your hair after each swim.

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