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Question by  kittytre1 (69)

How do you make twists in hair?

It looks on people but I can't figure out how it is done.


Answer by  Niq (204)

If you are referring to kinky twists or senegalese twists,the process is not difficult at all. The braiding hair is first braided on the client's head like you would a micro braid,but then it is twisted the rest of the way down. Great protective style for transitioning or already natural.


Answer by  andi (118)

Same concept as french braiding, twist a small amount of hair, then grab some more. It looks great if you start with a very small amount and use larger portions as you go on. Bobby pins will hold them in place, extra mouse always helps.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

You literally twist your hair. Gather it up at the nape of your neck and twist upwards. You can do more than one twist if you like- the pigtail look is cute.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

Making twists in your hair is easy. Grab your hair like you're going to put it in a pony tail and twist it around, then fasten with a band.


Answer by  summerdae (408)

Unsure of which twist you mean, but to create a Bun twist style, one, your hair needs to be long enough, and all it is twisting it and knotting it.

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