Question by  Baron06 (16)

How do you make apple pie?

I would like to make an apple pie for my husband.


Answer by  linsm (898)

Cut peeled and cored apple in pieces, placing them in pie pan over pie crust. Place pieces of butter, cinnamon and sugar over apples. Add top pie crust. Bake 350.


Answer by  jillou (114)

Put 240g plain flour and 125g butter into processor, blitz until fine breadcrumbs. Add 3 tablespoons water, mix. Half dough. Roll on floured surface and line tin. Peel, core and grate 3-4 cooking apples into pastry. Sprinkle with 125g sugar, (cinnamon if desired). Roll out pastry and cover pie (pierce top twice). Brush top with milk. 200C 25 minutes.


Answer by  Bess2728 (682)

Make 2 pie crusts. In bowl, mix apples (peeled, cored, sliced) with sugar and cinnamon. Put apples into pan lined with crust. Cover with crust. Bake 45 minutes at 350.


Answer by  Priya12 (218)

Peel slice the apple and soak them in melted butter.Take flour, add cinnamon and nutmeg. Coat soaked apples with sugar mixture and pour into pastryshell, bake at 400F for 45minutes


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

well the best and easy way is to buy box pie crust aready roll out they pill the apples add lemon juice and cimmion mix well then put the crust


Answer by  applepie (3)

take the two or three apples then cut the outer skin and wash it clearly then cut the inner side of the apple like curvely we have to put some item into the food take all kind of dry fruits mix it put it into the apple serve it

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