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Question by  bezerkers (29)

How do you make a brick mailbox?

I think brick mailboxes are so classy looking.


Answer by  LizzyB (6)

First of all, you need to get cement and bricks. Then, start by placing a cement base and the foundation of bricks on top of this base. Then, alternate layers of brick and cement until the correct look of the mailbox you want has been achieved.


Answer by  SGividen (652)

Put up a regular metal mailbox using a steel rod pushed into the ground. Buy the supplies for creating a brick casing at a hardware store. Encase the mailbox with the brick in a pattern you like and use the mortar supplies to secure the bricks. Attach a flag tot he outside.


Answer by  snceflyf (448)

In order to build a mailbox out of bricks, you have to first level the ground where the box will be built. After leveling, you begin laying bricks in a square pattern until you get to the poitn where the bottom of your mailbox will be setting. You then place the box in position and finsih bricking around it.


Answer by  Aaron20 (71)

Well first off the steps can sometimes be short but the process can be long. Not to mention the price for all the ingredients. I recommend going to diynetwork.

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