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Question by  mike68 (20)

How do you lighten your skin tone?


Answer by  ReoZum (6)

First I moisterize and protect my skin everyday from getting darker. Every night before I go to bed I use a simple Meladerma Cream, which helps to lighten my skin.


Answer by  DraftEm (244)

You can purchase over the counter skin bleaching solutions if you would like to lighten your skin tone. These are available at drug stores. Other important factors include avoiding sunlight and using a very strong suntan lotion on your face at all times including in the winter. This will prevent tanning which darkens the skin.


Answer by  cady (194)

The easiest way to get your skin lighter is to stay out of the sun as much as possible. You can also use lemon juice or milk for mild natural bleaching. Many commercial skin creams are available, but they can be very harsh and may damage your skin.


Answer by  Diana30 (29)

First of all, you should wear sunscreen at all times. It prevents your skin tone from getting any darker. To lighten your skin tone, try creams containing hydroquinone.


Answer by  heatherbooboo (655)

You can use cream bleach for the skin. There are several bath soaks that are available to lighten the skin.

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