Question by  Kilgasto (26)

How do you learn what year your home was built in?

I need to know when my home was built.


Answer by  Jerry35 (56)

A good way to find what year your home was built is by going to the appraisal district website for the county your home is in. Look up the address of your house and the year built will show up in the results of the search.


Answer by  Tileguy1 (21)

This information shoulb be contained in the platt of survey for the property. The information should also be contained in the mortgage closing documents.


Answer by  Rick (38)

There are a couple of places that you can look for the age of your home. The first place to check would be the deed to your home. The second place to check would be with your local property valuator's office as the age of the home is one of the factors they use when setting your property tax.

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