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Question by  blackkshadoww1 (17)

How do you know when your gallbladder is bad?


Answer by  juliannna (639)

There are many tests that can be performed to see if your gallbladder needs to be removed. You may also have some of the warning signs such as headaches and pain in your lower area. A high warning sign is smoking and being overweight. Talk with your doctor to see what he sats.


Answer by  wendyj (359)

Symptoms of gall bladder disease include bowel issues and abdominal pain. An ultrasound is how gall bladder disease is diagnosed. Check with your doctor.


Answer by  giselleflores (112)

During the first ten years of a bad gallbladder it is possible that you may have no symptoms. But pain in the upper abdomen is common.


Answer by  bloodyfreak (172)

You would know your gallbladder was bad if you started having bad attacks of indigestion. If your gallbladder has stones, you would experience pain in the top middle area of your chest. Stones are best confirmed by having an ultrasound done. Once diagnosed they are usually treated with surgery by removing the gallbladder completely.

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not on the nhs,im afraid,they just put you a waiting list to go and see a specialist,even though an ultra sound scan shows gall stones!! The uk nhs is a disgrace!!!  add a comment
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