Question by  rcottis (66)

How do you install a Temco chimney?


Answer by  dee73 (1062)

you need figure out the old dimensions. Take out the old one and install the new 8" pipe male end down, in to the collar and snap it shut.Slip the 12" pipe male end up and continue this process till the roof.


Answer by  UVJ (46)

Insert 8" pipe: male end DOWN into the inner collar to snap shut. Slip 12" pipe:male end UP over the other pipe and collar. Continue this process till roof opening.


Answer by  MALLIKAV (10)

First thing we need to take out the old one dimension and replace with new one.The temco chimney may be tough, we usually can't line those or can tear out either one and replace them with a new ZC efficient EPA fireplace.


Answer by  Man67 (9)

I would read the instruction manual, assuming one was given. I would then follow those instructions. If that failed or were it too complicated I would just call a professional to install it.

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