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Question by  Ed209 (18)

How do you install a new shower faucet?

I would like to avoid calling a plumber if possible.


Answer by  Mimi16 (13)

Start by removing the old shower head with a wrench. Remember, lefty loosey and righty righty. Clean the pipe and threads with a dry towel. Apply A few layers of Teflon tape by winding it around the threads of the pipe. Install the new shower head by threading onto the pipe and tightening with a wrench.


Answer by  Sunpipheny (116)

First unscrew the old showerhead, clean off the threads on the pipe, put teflon tape on threads, and then screw on the new shower faucet. You may need pliers to screw the head on but do not over tighten the fixture.


Answer by  Elijah69 (6)

It all depends on the brand faucet you have bought. The box should have directions, but you need to be sure to turn off your water and take off the old faucet, and the new one is either screwed, or clamped on, usually with a rubber stopper lining that prevents leaks.


Answer by  exbankworker (58)

Most shower faucets have a univeral adaptor so they can be easily installed in any bathroom. You'll need a screwdriver and possibly a wrench as well. Read the instructions for the new faucet carefully and then unscrew the old one. Install the new one and make sure the screws are all tight. Run the water briefly before attempting a shower.


Answer by  SimonLC (234)

I would not want to discourage anyone but this is a task for those who have the right tools, knowledge of plumbing and hydraulic connections and lots of patience. Nothing prevents you go to a store specializing in hydraulic and faucet, and study the connections and adjustments must be made. Don't forget to see the old connections!

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