Question by  clp1001 (30)

How do you indicate on a letter that there is an enclosure?


Answer by  jayne12 (7)

To indicate that a letter includes an enclosure, simply write the word 'Enclosure' below the signature line. It's helpful, particularly if there are multiple enclosures, to follow this with a list of the items enclosed.


Answer by  RN2be (138)

You can either put (after your "Sincerely's) See Attached, or Attached: Etc. You can also say "Please see the enclosed document. " to let people know there's an enclosure.


Answer by  Faylinn (58)

The simplest way to do this that I know is to leave two or three lines after your signature and then just write "Enc" You can put the number of enclosures after this, for example Enc(2). It would look like this: [body of letter] Yours sincerely, Mr A Smith Enc(2)


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

You can mention the enclosure in the body of the letter. At the end of your letter, after the signature space and the initials of the typist, simply type "enc".


Answer by  DDragicevic (172)

There are 4 four methods: The first one is to write it on the envelope outside. The second one is to write it inside on the paper. The third one combines number one and two, the foruth one is to send a separate fax.

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