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Question by  Sally10 (70)

How do you go about getting rid of spots?

I mean spots on the skin.


Answer by  bbb (54)

You should always talk with your doctore about any changes that you find in your skin. A natural rememdy is to rub lemon juice on the spot.


Answer by  CR125 (396)

If by spots you mean acne, there are plenty of medicines out there prescription and non-prescription that could help. Trying a few and taking showers, and staying clean are best.


Answer by  jkroller (285)

Spots on your skin can mean cancer or old age. there are bleach treatments,creams, and pills. Though you should always check with your doctor as this could be a medical condition that needs immediate treatment. laser treatment is available both cosmetically and via doctors order. sometimes it might pay to check with the ol doc.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

There are bleaching agents that are sold for this purpose. First I would find out if there is a reason you are getting them.

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