Question by  k9 (46)

How do you get Blue Cross to pay providers?

I need to get Blue Cross to pay my providers.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

You need to be sure that the information that was submitted was correct. Any information that was incorrect will be rejected. Check your deductible and see if you have met it. Call the doctors office, they are the ones that submitted the claim form.


Answer by  bunkerhill (825)

If you submitted your insurance information to your providers, they are the ones that need to submit the payment information.


Answer by  JohnAndrew (199)

You need to have the relevant paperwork in order. Also check if your plan covers the services and make sure you have prior approval.


Answer by  Esme (535)

You must have all the insurance paper work in order. If your claim is denied, then prepare and appeal and approach a patient advocacy group like Patient Advocacy Foundation.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

You need to read the description of your plan. If the services rendered by your providers are not covered, Blue Cross will not pay. You may also need prior approval for procedures.


Answer by  y3636363 (1380)

Just contact their customer service and explain the situation to them and send proof of payments as well and they will do it.

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