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Question by  Taylor53 (13)

How do you get a loan against a lawsuit?

I'm getting a settlement but I need money now.


Answer by  Amanda37 (7)

Find a company that gives cash advances for lawsuits by searching online. Underwriters for that company will determine the value of your lawsuit and provide you with an amount you are qualified to borrow. The amount you will qualify for is typically about 10% of the value of your lawsuit.


Answer by  AnnaTeague (806)

If your lawyer does not advance against judgments or settlements, you can find a lender who will loan money against your settlement or buy it outright. The fees are high.


Answer by  boy (177)

There are several companies that specialize in this type of loan. They often advertise on daytime or late night television. You could also look it up on the internet. They require specific information regarding your case to be provided by your attorney as well as authorization from the attorney.


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

There are lots of companies that will give you a loan, just look in the phone book, or watch daytime television. The problem is they will charge you a high interest rate, so make absolutely sure you need the money before you take out a loan with one of them.

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