Question by  CSandeep (48)

How do you get a job as an air hostess or flight attendant?

It seems like a fun job.


Answer by  cashian (376)

Certain schools that can help with basic training. Flight attendants usually require: a college degree, foreign language, meet height/weight requirements and excellent eyesight. Most airlines will further train good candidates.


Answer by  janedoe (701)

It is a fun job, but requires lots of training and lots of security and background checks. Start by keeping your record clean. Get experience in a service industry (waiting tables is great). Then, there are special flight attendant schools. You'll need to enroll and get a certificate of completion.


Answer by  silli586 (1103)

You will need to go to the airport of which you wish to work for, and ask for an application. You will need to indicate on that application that you would like to work as a flight attendant. Having a well filled out resume is a good idea as well.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

Each airline has specific requirements for flight attendant applicants, a strenuous screening process and a structured training program. Check each airlines' online site for career opportunities and information about how to apply.


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

You can find these jobs posted on the individual websites for each independent airline. You can also usually get into this field by working with your local airport and networking with pilots and people in the human resources department. These jobs are usually not posted on large career websites as they usually require extensive training.


Answer by  patti (29325)

You must apply through each airline when the application process is open. Check the airline websites for employment opportunities and requirements. Having a second language is most helpful. The airlines trains their flight attendants.


Answer by  snceflyf (448)

One can apply for a job as an airline flight attendant directly with the airline for which they would like to work. Applications are also taken through many online resources. There are some requirements for flight attendants such as being FAA certified. The competition for flight attendant positions has become pretty stiff in recent years.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

You can contact the airline directly to see if they have any of these positions available. You can find out online in the career section on any of their pages.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

You apply directly through the airline. Airlines require that you have a high school diploma, be willing to relocate, have customer service experience, and have a neat and professional appearance.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

Airlines have individual training programs that you have to be accepted into to get hired. They are not called airt hostesses anymore.

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