Question by  labinc02 (19)

How do you fix problems with upright freezers?


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Upright freezers need to be level, and there are airflow adjustments near the top. Use a level and make sure it's seated well, use a thermometer to adjust the airflow between sections, make sure the air compressor is brushed free of lint and if needed call in for service from professionals.


Answer by  Isidro (624)

The best way to fix is to examine the appliance and check what you think might not be working if it looks like its not functioning like normal then try fixing it if its too much trouble then just call a professional and let them take care of it but be care full they can rip you off.


Answer by  meena (400)

Any type of food kept in freezer should stay fresh, when you find that the food is not that much cold and fresh please check the door of the fridge see that the door closes properly without allowing any air out. Check the power first and call for a service.

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