Question by  xtophyr (50)

How do you fix extremely bad dandruff?

Head and Shoulders is not doing the job.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

Shampoos with herbal extracts can work, depending on hair type, like Jojoba or coconut. If that does not work, see a dermatologist.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Consult your doctor for a full workup, this may not be a hair issue. Get a good stylist, you don't have to resort to yucky tar shampoo treatments, weekly or bi-monthly treatment by a professional can work wonders and don't have to be expensive. Check your overall hygiene also.


Answer by  dpink (111)

I would suggest going to a dermatologist to help fix the problem since OTC products are not working for you. In the meantime stay hydrated and condition your scalp.


Answer by  summerdae (408)

Selsun Blue is another over the counter shampoo that you can try, it has worked for me in the past. Buy only the original!

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