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Question by  Satish (17)

How do you fix a fence?


Answer by  gwdragon (76)

If the fence posts are still good, you can buy pre-made fence sections from the hardware store. If they aren't, you need to dig up the post which may have concrete (mine does). This will be where the new post sits. Replace the post and secure with concrete. Purchase the pre-made fence sections and attach.


Answer by  CR125 (396)

Depending on the kind of fence, you may need to replace posts or sections of the fence that is damaged.


Answer by  blondie (37)

You don't have to replace a whole fence. You can replace just the broken slats. You will need new slats, some nails and a hammer. To replace the slats pry off the broken ones and nail on the new ones.


Answer by  jbequ (35)

Rotted post? A quick temporary fix using two re-bars, six foot long will work. With the re-bar as close to the rotted post as possible, drive the re-bar into the ground approximately 3' deep. Do the same on opposite side of post. Tie or wire re-bar to post.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

It all depends on the type of fence. A chain link fence would be replaced in sections. A wooden fence can either be replaces by individual boards or by the whole section. It will be a different color for a year but it will age.


Answer by  jkroller (285)

you either repair the pole with a new one or nails. then the fencing material must be replaced or nailed if wooden.

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