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Question by  Mar (428)

How do you eliminate moles in the lawn?

They are driving me nuts.


Answer by  Moleman (6)

Hi, There are a few easy ways to deal with moles. I have cats and dogs so i usually dont get bothered by them, you can try the controversial ways is to stick a hosepipe down the hole,although this i do not advise. There are many electronic/sonic devices available at reasonable prices wich tend to do the trick.


Answer by  DaffodilPetals (105)

Use a mole trap or a mole repellent to get rid of the moles. I would suggest humane trapping. There are numerous companies that will humanely relocate problem animals into a better habitat than your lawn.


Answer by  xjamesdavisx (63)

First: Moles come after things like bugs,worms and things like that so rid your law of all the critters and you will be mole free and if it continues to keep coming back just kill it with mole patrol it's a bait trap to kill them to save your lawn.


Answer by  luvlexis83 (798)

All you have to do is get rid of the insects in your yard first and then use some talpirid bait or if its unsafe use a mole trap.

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