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Question by  graycat (174)

How do you do box braids?

I love this hair style and think I can do it myself.


Answer by  kgirl (29)

Take portion of hair, however big or small, to be braided. Divide portion into three sections. Take the the left section and cross it over diagonally. Take right section, cross over the left. Take middle section, cross it over the right. Cross, cross, cross. Keep the braid tight. Good luck!


Answer by  JanvanSwaaij (20)

To get one braid, just comb the hair, devide the hair in three parts, use a bit hairgel. Work from to bottum up, make small rows, increase rows with one more box. Each row, start with a center box, and work around it. So, the braids will fall down next between the others braids.


Answer by  catewheeler (289)

Divide hair section into four parts. Cross two of the strands at opposite corners, then cross the other two opposite strands. Repeat over and over to form your braid!


Answer by  star4 (46)

Part hair in desired design. Take three strands of hair braid strands one lapping over the other one time each. Tie rubber band at the end of braid when complete.


Answer by  mmhwahm (37)

When I do box braids I wash my hair first and let it air dry overnight. Next, I part one inch sections of hair in the back of my head toward the front of my head in rows. Steadily putting coconut oil on the hair as I do each braid.


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

WOW there was so much involved in this hair style that I couldn't fit it all here. Go to ehow. com where there are excellent instructions.


Answer by  shoofeer1 (116)

Firstly, you should wash and condition the hair. Then, section it in four equal parts.You should then make a tiny part in the first section.Then braid the hair.

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