Question by  mom2myrugrat (27)

How do you convert dollars to pounds?

Does it change?


Answer by  Emre (125)

Absolutely. Almost every bank can change money with other countries money. If you want you can check rate of change in some bank's website. It gives you buy and sell costs.


Answer by  Vladlen (358)

I assume your are talking about British pounds. First of all, yes, exchange are of British pound is floating. At the moment one US dollar is almost 0.67 pounds. So just multiply any sum of US dollars by 0.67 and you will get equivalent sum of British pounds.


Answer by  jackie97 (101)

Go to your bank and ask them and they can convert it for you. It is .68 to a U.S. Dollar.


Answer by  jb7000 (96)

The values of currencies do fluctuate. You can go to a currency converter website to convert from dollars to pounds, or to convert from any one currency in the world to another.

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