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Question by  wolfbane (29)

How much is a pound worth in dollars?

What is the ratio of a British pound vs a dollar?


Answer by  sp1983 (31)

The exchange rate between British pounds and dollars is constantly changing. For a more accurate up-to-the minute conversion rate you should use a website that is dedicated to currency conversions. On average for the year 2008 the conversion rate was approximately 1 British pound equaled 1. 5 United States dollars.


Answer by  ellie61 (478)

1 US dollar is worth approximately 0. 6 GBP (British Pounds) as of the moment of writing. 1 GBP (£1) would therefore be worth approximately $1. 63 in dollars. In the current economic climate, the exchange rate is unpredictable and continues to vary. Various online sources and newspapers will publish up-to-date exchange rates.


Answer by  worker48 (22)

One British pound is worth $1. 595 as of September 25, 2009. The ratio between the British pound and dollar changes daily in the forex exchange market based on a variety of factors.

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