Question by  LaLaLady (12)

How do you come across as having a charming personality?

I need to impress people, it's not really one of my strong suits.


Answer by  Mo44 (25)

The most important thing to do is smile and look someone in the eye when you are speaking to them. A smile is very contagious and if you are at ease that will relax the person you are speaking to. It is also very good to have a strong handshake when meeting someone but not one that crushes their hand.


Answer by  kathylagare (220)

People love to talk about themselves. I would suggest asking them questions and then being a good listener to their answers. It disarms them and makes you likeable.


Answer by  Jenny25 (939)

Smile all of the time and tell impressive facts. Also be smart and coy. You want to impress but you do not want to look evil at any cost. Just be cool.


Answer by  catz70 (8)

to appear as if you have a charming personality you need to look confident and speak fluently as if you are the best

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