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Question by  Jay24 (5)

How do you clean the eye to a PS2?


Answer by  TJM (14)

There are two good ways to clean the CD-rom eye. They are to either buy a lens cleaner CD from an electronics store, or by spraying compressed air into the open CD try.


Answer by  lucrasious (135)

The preferable way is to take it to a professional to prevent any serious damage, but you can use the same cleaning kit you would use for a DVD player. I would try not to over do it because the eye to a PS2 are much more sensitive than a regular DVD player.


Answer by  PS3XBOX360 (112)

You can buy laser cleaners at any electronics store or even walmart. It is a disc with bristles on it. You put it in and play the disc.


Answer by  Andy37 (60)

Very Carefully. If you can get a cleaning cloth to run over it, do it very gently. If you press to hard the eye will become unaligned and you will have a bigger problem. Contact the manufacturer for any recommendations or send it to them to get cleaned.


Answer by  nimn (202)

Take a piece of cloth dampened in semi-hot water with some soft soap. Gently clean the eye and rinse it with some other piece of cloth. Dry it well!


Answer by  EPatetta (86)

First, you remove the screw covers and unscrew the screws. Then you carefully remove the shell and lens cover. Use a q-tip and rubbing alcohol and carefully wipe the lens.


Answer by  sbviper (16)

You send it away so that someone else can do that for you. To fix it yourself, i would really suggest doin a google search with proper explict directions.


Answer by  GMNegativeZero (17)

go to game stop and see if they have a cd eye cleaner type disk thats what i did for me x-box ;P hope i helped cya


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well there are special made laser eye cleaners available that should do the job. Look in you local electronic store next to the vcr head cleaners.


Answer by  Minty (124)

There are many cleaning kits that you can buy that contain a special disc that has a soft brush on it that will clean the lens. It's not a good idea to attempt and clean it on your own.


Answer by  gavzilla (2)

To clean the eye is first buy some q tips from the store. they are around two dollars. bring them home to clen the eye. have to find a cleaning liquid to help you out. apply the cleaning liquid on the q tip open the game console you can find a small circle that looks like a small eye.

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