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Question by  worker8654 (33)

How do you calculate a weighted average?


Answer by  SammyChua (9)

Here's an example: Suppose the weight of the first quiz is 70 and the weight of the second quiz is 30. You got 80 on the first quiz and 70 on the second quiz. To get the weighted average, (70*80 + 30*70)/(70+30) = (5600+2100)/(100) = 7700 / 100 = 77 Therefore, the weighted average in the example is 77.


Answer by  parnell257 (109)

Let's say that you have five items that needed to be averaged. Take the first item's value and multiply it by the first item's percentage (as a decimal). Do the same for the other four. Then add the five products together to get the weighted average.

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