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Question by  RizHash (15)

How do you bypass the power window switch?

My power window switch needs to be by passed.


Answer by  yarman (26)

You can bypass the power window switch by either taking the door panel off and unhooking the switch and bypassing it, or you can find the fuse in the fuse panel realted to the switch and unplug it. although unpluging the fuse will also diable some other switches or electronics related to the fuse itself.


Answer by  Taran (716)

You could lift the switch panel and try a jumper of 14 - 16 gauge wire and test clips,inorder for the window to work both sets of the main switch needs to be plugged in. I know that the pink wire for the front set is "hot" and and the rear set switch dark brown wire is "hot'


Answer by  spencerb (48)

You have to find out which wires are your window motor wires from a schematic and then you have to apply 12 volts to the wires.

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