Question by  Tom61 (22)

How do you break loose a galvanized pipe?

I am trying to do some repair work to some pipes and need to break lose one that is galvanized.


Answer by  mbd52 (30)

It is likely that the corrosion from minerals in your water have frozen the threads of the pipe. Run some vinegar and hot water through the pipe to knock out some of the crud. Use two big pipe wrenches and turn in opposite directions while the pipes are still warm. Some people heat the pipe with a propane torch.


Answer by  orville856 (39)

You can try heating the joint with a torch and it might become loose if the cement that holds it is quite old. Otherwise, just get your axe saw, your substitute joints and your cement and do the job.


Answer by  dsmith42 (371)

If you mean a threaded joint, then you need two big pipe wrenches and maybe some leverage. You can also loosen the joint first by using penetrating oil (not WD 40, penetrating oil) or heat applied to the joint. For the pipe wrenches, position the jaws so that they make 3 points of contact and then pull them.

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