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Question by  worker4512 (9)

How do you adjust the mowing deck on a lawn tractor?

I don't have an owner's manual.


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

There should be a handle somewhere that has a bunch of settings--the one that isn't the gear shift. Most of them tend to move vertically. That control will adjust the height of the mower deck. It might be hard to lift, but there it is. I'm not aware of any other adjustments normally associated with the mower deck.


Answer by  Lorrennon (79)

Depending on tractor, there could be pins, chains, or bolts that maintain the height. look for any of these extending up from the deck that are identical on both sides of the tractor. Make sure you adjust them equally or your cut will be off when you mow.


Answer by  Peter1995 (103)

To adjust the mowing deck on a lawn tractor, you must find the lever to the left of the seat (probably labeled 1-6). That adjusts the deck. If the lever is not there, then you might have too look for it under the deck itself.


Answer by  JaydeesLaydee (523)

It depends on the brand! There should be a lever for this but you can also look on You Tube for instructional videos.

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