how does it work


Question by  BlackMamba94 (2)

How do microwaves work?

Is it just heat that cooks the food?


Answer by  Skullwing (746)

A microwave oven uses the unique properties of microwave-length electromagnetic radiation in order to cook food. This special kind of energy emission excites water molecules, causing them to vibrate really fast. It is these vibrations that heat the food in the microwave oven. This is why the food or beverage will get hot, but the cooking container usually will not.


Answer by  apsaras (408)

Microwave ovens contain klystron units that emit microwave radiation, which is absorbed by water molecules in food and converted into heat energy of rotating water molecules that cooks the food.


Answer by  RandomGuy (138)

Microwaves utilize technology from which its name comes from. They use microwaves to "excite" water molecules in your food and create heat. This is done because the water molecules begin to "move" at a high frequency and through that motion, heat is created. e.g. Popcorn kernels have water in the middle and when the water is stimulated, it pops.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Microwave produce a specific kind or radiation waves. This penetrates the food and excites the water molecules. The molecule begin to move rubbing against each other which in turn produces heat.

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