Question by  Mary72 (15)

How do I troubleshoot problems with the engine on my Honda ATV?


Answer by  BLUEBIRD22 (35)

Replace fuel filter and clean dirt from valve.Check for proper spark plug connection.If engine dos not turn over check battery and change if it is dead.Check starter motor and repair or replace if it is not turn.Clean or replace carbuerator circuit system if needed.Make sure tank has required oil in it.


Answer by  vpderitis (6)

To trouble shoot problems with Honda ATV engine first thing is check the spark plugs for wear, check the air lines for holes or leaks,if you have a carburetor check to see if choke is on or stuck, make sure ignition is on, check battery. If none of this leads you somewhere bring your Honda ATV to your local specialist!


Answer by  kiloscar (11)

the easiest way to trouble problems with the engine on honda atv is, go to your honda factory service manual, to the engine section, and in the rear of the section are the trouble shoot pages.


Answer by  DouglasDietiker (5)

I would take the ATV to a local Honda dealer and let them service it to avoid causing further harm. Or if you are a skilled mechanic I would use the owner's manual and see if you can figure out what the cause of the problem is using process of elimination.


Answer by  reshmapravi (5)

You should check your spark plug first. Open it. Check the gap on the top hed. Clean it properly by a fresh cloth. Plug it and try starting.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Start with the ignition if it does not start , replace the electric starter. If it turns over without starting , check the fuel line for clogs. Atvs are famous for having obstructions due to dirt.


Answer by  fxdb (11)

I am not a mechanic, however their are three things that make any engine work, fuel., air and electricity. check battery, gas and air filter


Answer by  maheshbabukcT (19)

check the transmission control computer has been damaged or not, shift selector switch on the left handlebar has been damaged ESP/Auto switch on the right handleswitch might be damaged.


Answer by  szabist23 (0)

Just any electronic connection plug may cause something like this. Poor connection -voltage drops, ampere increase and connection overheating etc. Something related to temperature. I have good battery on the machine. Just too many electronics on the Honda , to many trouble sources.


Answer by  szabist23 (0)

My ATV motor stops running after the engine warms up. Almost at the same time or a little later as the fan motor starts. After 5 minutes of waiting it starts again and runs another 10-15 minutes after which it stops again. Some electrical connection problem ? Relay ?

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