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Question by  audiocupcakes (346)

How do I stop silcock leak?

My outside spigot leaks.


Answer by  freebird (225)

First, cut off the water supply. Remove the faucet head and install a new gasket. Reinstall fixture head, turn the water supply back on and the job is done.


Answer by  smoothedge69 (56)

Sometimes the packing on a hose bib get worn. You can try to tighten the packing nut, just behind the handle, until the leak stops.


Answer by  AmosPressley (95)

Silcocks are pretty cheap, so most people replace them. If you have a reason not go that route, you can turn the system pressure off, unscrew the valve bonnet around the handle stem, and screw out the valve stem. if the washer looks bad, replace it and reassemble.

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