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Question by  guysoffer (35)

How do I know if there are spirits in my house?


Answer by  areeba (15)

One of the scientific method for finding this is to install close circuit cameras in every nook and corner of the house, so that every single activity can be noticed even if there is no one in the house. The recorded video will certainly provide some evidence.


Answer by  Krishna94 (6)

The presence of spirits can be felt when strange incidents occur in the house,like window shutters clattering for no reason at all,strange voices being heard some times sobbing sound and also sound of approaching foot steps. Besides this there may be many other queer things. An eerie feeling that the person is not alone but is being watched may strongly be felt.


Answer by  JRossi17 (788)

There are places you can call that do paranormal investigations. You would probably be able to find them online or in your local phone book. Several ways they search are by a change in magnetic area, electronic voice phenomenon, and spikes or drops in the room temperature. Overall if you want to confirm this call your local paranormal investigators.


Answer by  cafish (2035)

Sometimes, I get the feeling that I am not alone. But it isn't frightening. In fact, sometimes it is a warm and comforting feeling. This is just a personal experience.

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