Question by  georgie3 (85)

How do I know if a money making opportunity is legitimate?

I read about it in a reliable magazine.


Answer by  leb123 (24)

You would know if a money making opportunity is legitimate if you look on the Better Business Bureau website and make sure the opportunity is not reported as a scam.


Answer by  carryvan (148)

Before you embark on a money making opportunity, it's important to confirm its legitimacy by ensuring that the payment institution is a reputable source, such as PayPal or MTurk.


Answer by  SantoshRathod (13)

You can know by working for minimum amount and try to withdraw the amount. Most importantly know the credibility of the source for which you want to work.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

It doesn't make any difference if the magazine is legit. They are selling advertising and for the right price they will sell the space. If it too good to be true, then don't but it. Contact the Better Business Bureau before. There are alot of scams out there.

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