Question by  pete74 (97)

How do I install self-stick vinyl tiles?


Answer by  nate1 (146)

Perearation of the substrate demands a clean surface. It must be level and free of debris. The self-stick tiles are installed in a "v" formation by filling starting with two or three tiles along walls and filling in the center. A good tip is to rub the edges down after you plce the tile by pulling your fingers towards you.


Answer by  bo (874)

It is very easy. Start with a clean floor. Then peel the back off of the tile and stick it to the floor. You may need to cut some pieces.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well first make sure you have a clean level floor. The lay your square out and cut where needed. Then go peel the backing off each and carefully place it.


Answer by  icanoutfishyou (1148)

Make sure the floor is completely clean and level. Just know self-stick tiles are a nightmare to remove and have a very short lifespan.


Answer by  icanoutfishyou (1148)

Self-stick tiles must be installed over a clean and flat surface. A word of caution; if you decide to ever install a standard vinyl floor, self-stick become a major problem.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

The most important step in installing self-stick vinyl tiles is to make sure the surface of the floor is even and clean. Fill in any uneven places with fillers made for that type of floor. Then sweep and lightly mop the floor to remove any dust that would prevent the tile from sticking. You can use additional adhesive, if needed.

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