Question by  Noelle (17)

How do I go about storing negatives on CDs?


Answer by  Umer (18)

To store negatives on to a CD you have to get a negative scanner. There are other brands to like Epson. After you get a scanner you scan the negatives with it and transfer them to your computer and do what ever you want to do with them,burn the photos on to a CD.


Answer by  Larry (104)

To convert your negatives to a digital file, you can invest in a scanner capable of scanning negatives. A wide range of price and quality is available at most computer retail outlets. Most photo labs will be happy to scan your negatives to a cd.


Answer by  Suzanne (56)

You need a scanner that can send images to a CD. There are printers that can do it all, even print them out. You scan the image and just tell the printer if you want it sent to the computer, print it out, or make it into a CD. If you have a lot of photos use a DVD.


Answer by  gracepap (30)

If you have a scanner it is highly recommended that you buy a transparency adaptor to scan the negatives or else the quality will be poor. Most people send their negatives to a transfer service. Some mass market stores do it but the quality is bad.


Answer by  Warner (56)

Firstly you need to scan the negs! For that you can either go to a commercial house or if you have zillions of them it might be better and cheaper to buy a scanner and do it yourself!

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