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Question by  ConchitaPerrita56 (14)

How do I go about resetting pcm codes?


Answer by  BalajiShanmugam (8)

if u have to reset the code , u should scan through wat problem is there. you can reset pcm codes by using computer softwares and also you can disconnect the battery and connect it to reset it remove negative wire from battery. turn on ignition key - 30 seconds, then replace ignition key to "off". now connect black terminal in battery


Answer by  Jimmer (28)

Different manufacturers use different methods, but a fairly reliable and universal way to do this is to disconnect the car battery negative lead for sixty seconds and then reconnect it.


Answer by  Kozmo (286)

Disconnect your battery, turn on headlights switch ten minutes, re-connect the battery. You will likely lose your radio presets and perhaps some other small things like that.


Answer by  moneyguy (81)

A simple way will be to disconnect the negative cable from the battery and allow at least 30 seconds, that way the computer will be reset and all information cleared.


Answer by  ryan1611 (45)

In order to reset Pcm codes you have to take your ca to the dealership and have them change or reset your pcm codes

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