Question by  Jenno (57)

How do I get started on a signing career?


Answer by  shil (171)

Join a good music school and get yourself taught about the basics of music. Defenitely learn to use the musical instruments also. Attend live performances and give attention to how they perform. Learn and practice hard. When you get a chance join some professional groups and perform well with their help.


Answer by  Marsha94 (618)

If you are good, make a youtube or myspace for your music, get people to follow or watch you. Also, send demo tapes to record companies, perform everywhere you can.


Answer by  AlokPande (68)

If you know little bit of singing than immediately go,join the class of singing,initially they will teach you the basics than come the classical part and rest one can practice.


Answer by  animelover4283 (28)

To get started on a singing (?) career you would need to put you out there, and find different shows that will host a lot of people.

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