Question by  Akraftwerk (30)

How do I get my top navigation bar back?

I accidentally took it off.


Answer by  rascuache (34)

Depends on what browser you are using. The Function keys are generally what control the Top Navigation Bar, so pressing F11 or F12 often will bring back your top Navigation bar. I find this works for me when i'm using Internet Explorer 7


Answer by  Aaron20 (71)

There are two ways that I know of. One way is to right click where your menu bar is and you should a list that shows you what you have in use and navigation bar is the second one. The other is you go to view then tollbars and it will show you there.


Answer by  Falcon (47)

You might be in full screen mode, and if so, press F11. Another way is to click on the "View" menu at the top, select "Toolbars" and select "Navigation Toolbar".


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

Go to your computer >Programs> then click the name of the toolbar you want to re-appear. Or right click your internet and go to 'preferences'.

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