Question by  Devin (19)

How do I fix a graphic card conflict for a large LCD screen?


Answer by  pmwhitty (14)

To fix the conflict find the graphic card manufacturer's website and locate the newest driver for your graphics card. After locating the newest driver follow the instructions to install it.


Answer by  thiefraccoon (266)

try updating your graphics card driver. That should always be the first thing you try. Tweak the screen refresh rate (try 60hz), change resolution.


Answer by  Sanchez (73)

There can be a number of possible conflicts. For a large screen, try scaling the card to a ratio that is similar to the screen's dimensions. If you're using a TV LCD, one of the dimensions are often 768


Answer by  Denkalaz (92)

I would recommend downloading the newest driver. If that does not help then your graphics card might be too weak to work well with a large LCD screen. Some are not capable of putting out a good enough resolution to make the picture look good on a big screen, but good luck with the driver.


Answer by  Superman77 (48)

If you are trying to connect a pc or laptop to a tv, and you have a graphics card error (will not display on the screen) the only way to fix that is to get an upgraded graphics card. most are made to support the big lcd picture.

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