Question by  Treens (30)

How do I find a job on a cruise line?


Answer by  AmirMeerkatSmallCock (58)

Go to the various cruise lines web sites or look on job sites. These types of jobs are always available as they are considered undesirable.


Answer by  AnneB91 (611)

The best and quickest way to find cruise line jobs is to contact the cruise lines directly. You can find links to all of them online; just click "careers. "


Answer by  tysonjc1 (204)

You will have the best chance of finding a job on a cruise line by visiting the careers section of the invdividual cruise lines (Carnival, Disney, etc)


Answer by  VictoriaB (102)

Start with the standard places like Craigslist and other local job boards in areas where cruise lines would be likely to operate. Postings will most likely be in the travel or hospitality category. Check the official websites of the companies you are interested in working for under Careers, Employment, Work for us, or other similar wording.


Answer by  worker2746 (2434)

Monster. com is probably one of the best ways to find a job on a cruise line. You will need a degree in hospitality or some other skill to get ahead of the pack.

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